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Dr. Tania (Henriquez) McIntosh
Dentist in Langley, British Columbia
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Welcome to Our Practice

We are honored to serve Langley individuals and families. 

At our practice, we are able to provide dental care to all your family members, from children and teens to adults and seniors, and we are always accepting new patients!

We provide general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, conscious sedation, and emergency care, and we guarantee professional help to all our patients by satisfying their needs in a concerned and compassionate manner.

Passion for Dentistry

Dr. Tania’s passion has always been to help others. As a little girl, she knew healthcare was what she wanted to do, following in the footsteps of her mother who is currently a retired nurse. She takes pride in her many years of education, experience, and genuine concern and provides her patients with the best quality dental services by utilizing her caring personality and gentle touch.

Dr. Tania and her team's top priority is to make sure you feel comfortable while you are getting dental treatment. We can provide you with pillows, blankets and your favorite music to improve your peace of mind, comfort and experience.

Are you interested in learning how to take better home care of your beautiful smile? That is what we are here for. Of course, our main focus is preventive dentistry and helping you find the way to healthy teeth, and we will guide you through it with individualized, honest advice and treatments like:

  • Customized fluoride therapy
  • Silver diamine fluoride
  • Sealants
  • Diagnostic x rays
  • Professional dental cleanings

Dr. Tania practices conservative dentistry and enjoys meeting common goals by providing sound, accurate ways to achieve healthy teeth. She will help you maintain your current healthy smile or obtain a new degree of dental and overall health by providing treatment options that suit your specific needs.

She believes that the best dental care can best be provided through continuing education and access to the best and latest technology. Today's scientific advancements can provide more effective, efficient, and comfortable dentistry to her patients.

We follow the British Columbia provincial fee guide and accept most dental insurance plans.

Under our care, you will finally feel that you have found people who truly care for you as a patient, as we give you respect and attention and always keep your best interests and personal choices in mind.

Our Services
Our goal is to make you feel welcome, like family and to establish a long lasting relationship.
We believe in the great benefits of technology and have digital x rays that reduces to the minimum the amount of radiation you have to be exposed plus digital photos to improve the quality of care and patient education provided at the practice.
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